Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with commercial or consumer customers?

We are wholesalers and work with fabricators, interiors designers, architects, developers and other people in the trade. We can work with your fabricator or recommend one if required. We do allow end customers to visit us to view/pick a stone for their fabricator to work with. We can also recommend a fabricator near to you if you want to hire a company to install a worktop or carry out other work in your home. We work with all the major fabricators in the country so we can recommend a reputable company to assist you.

What stone do you sell?

We sell high quality beautiful stone and we have a range to suit every need. We sell marble slabs, quartzite slabs, granite slabs, limestone, porcelain slabs and porcelain paving slabs for outdoor use.

Which stone should I choose?

This depends on your needs, budget and your project. You can buy marble slabs, quartzite slabs, granite slabs, limestone slabs, porcelain slabs and porcelain paving slabs.

If you are interested in Italian marble we have produced a Calacatta Marble buying guide which has lots of useful information. We also have a Quartzite Buyers Guide and a Travertine Buyers Guide too, each of which has lots of tips and expert advice for each stone type.

You can of course speak to us and we can advise on which stone(s) to consider and other factors you need to bear in mind.

I need a quote, how do I get one?

Please call us, send a WhatsApp message or an email with your requirements and measurements. It may be best to call if you are not sure what you want so we can discuss your requirements.

Can I see your stone?

Yes of course. We import all our stone directly from the best quarries so we hold all our stock in-house so there are no waiting times. With no middlemen or distributors, this means we sell our stone at very competitive prices. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Do you cut you stone to size?

Yes we do. Please send us your template and measurements when making an order or if you need a quote and we will get back to you asap.

Do you sell granite?

Yes we do. We have a fine selection of granite slabs for sale. Our range includes the likes of White Mist, White Galaxy and Cosmic Black granite slabs.

What are your opening hours?

We are open from 7.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday if you have an appointment. Please make an appointment before a visit (for any day of the week) so we know you are coming. Please contact us to arrange your visit.

How I do learn more about Quartzite and its characteristics?

We have produced a Quartzite buying guide which provides comprehensive information if you are interested in buying this stone. It has information on the different types of quartzite, cost per square metre, how to pick a good quality quartzite, quartzite countertops and how to care for this stone.

Where do I find information about Travertine to decide if it's suitable for my project?

We have a produced a Travertine Buyers Guide to help you make informed decisions on whether this stone is suitable for your project. It covers a wide range of topics such as its origin, cost, uses, different types and how to choose a good Travertine slab/stone. If you would like to see the range that we stock of this natural stone please visit our travertine slabs page.

Why should I buy from Imperial Stone group?

We are specialists with years of experience in this business. What we don’t know about stone is not worth knowing. With our expertise you are in safe hands and you will be given the best advice based on your project requirements. For more information on our background please see our About Us page.

Do you sell Italian marble?

Yes we do as we are a marble supplier and we source all our stone direct from Italy. We are a marble slab specialist and for Italian marble in particular. We sell a number of different stones and variations for the likes of Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato, Palissandro and Carrara. In 2023 we introduced our on exclusive Calacatta marble (Calacatta Cohen Gold) that you can only buy from Imperial Stone Group. Our marble slabs page lists our full collection including all our Italian marble.

Do you sell Calacatta marble?

We specialise in Calacatta marble and we stock all the main brands that we source direct from Italy. Our Managing Director visits Italy evey month to inspect and choose all our marble. We stock Calacatta Borghini, Calacatta Monet, Calacatta Oro and Calacatta Viola to name a few. We also stock a beautiful stone called Calacatta Cohen Gold which we sell and distribute exclusively in the UK. Please visit our marble slab page to see our full collection of Calacatta marble.

If you need any assistance with choosing which one to buy and to learn more please read our Calacatta Marble Buying Guide.

I want to improve my knowledge of Calacatta marble

Using our expertise as a marble supplier, we have produced a Calacatta Marble Buying Guide to help you understand this beautiful stone better. It is very detailed and covers topics about its end use, cost, if its a good choice for a worktop and the different types of Calacatta Marble

This guide covers lots of topics about this stone and if you need any further assistance please contact us.

Can you supply the stone I want as it’s not listed on your website?

Yes we can. We regularly update our stock so the stone you require may be in transit so it’s worth getting in contact. If not, we can order the stone on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss.

Where can I find reviews about Imperial Stone Group?

You can see our Google reviews by searching for ‘Imperial Stone Group ltd reviews’. Here is what one customer said about us:

Michael is the king of exotic stone: impressive selection of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese marble as well as showcasing the most trending Quartzites from Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia

Top quality service with next day delivery… even same day.”

How do I clean and look after my marble?

Once you have bought and installed your beautiful marble it makes sense to maintain your stone so its lifespan is as long as possible. We have produced a comprehensive marble care and maintenance guide that provides expert advice on how to look after and clean your marble. This guide includes tips on stain prevention/cleaning and suggestions on which cleaning products and tools (e.g. mops) to use.

I want to provide feedback or make a complaint

All feedback, whether positive or negative, is welcome as our aim is to provide a first-class service for all our customers. If you have feedback or a complaint, please send an email.

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