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Our Grey Marble is from best quarries in Italy and around the world. We hand pick our marble direct from the quarry and we stock all the main Italian brands such as Calacatta, Arabescato, Carrara, Bardiglio and Statuario. Our grey marble slabs include any which have a hint of grey so you can match this colour to your project.

Grey Marble Slabs for Sale

Please browse our grey marble slabs below and this is only a small selection of the marble slabs we stock. We update our stone every month. To view our full range of marble and to search for other colours and by finish and thickness, please visit our marble slabs page. We also sell a fine selection of quartzite, granite and porcelain stone. 

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Arabescato Corchia Marble Slabs

One of our beautiful Arabescato Corchia Marble Slabs which is polished and 2cm thick

16th February 2023

Arabescato Viola Marble Slabs

17th February 2023

Bardiglio Nuvelato Marble Slabs

An image of one of our Bardiglio Nuvelato Marble Slabs

10th November 2022

Bianco Carrara Marble Slabs

One of our beautiful Bianco Carrara slabs

19th April 2022

Breccia Capraia Marble Slabs

Our Breccia Capraia Marble Slabs have some wonderful movements and colours such as black, grey and white

17th February 2023

Calacatta Borghini Marble Slabs

Our Calacatta Borghini marble slabs for sale which are honed and 2cm thick

5th September 2022

Calacatta Cohen Gold

This marble slab from Carrara (Italy) is called Calacatta Cohen Gold and only available from Imperial Stone Group.

17th February 2023

Calacatta Lincoln Marble Slabs

a picture of our Calacatta Lincoln marble slabs for sale

12th February 2022

Calacatta Monet Marble Slabs

a picture of our Calacatta Monet Marble Slabs for sale

1st February 2023

Calacatta Rose Marble Slabs

One of our stunning Calacatta Rose Marble Slabs with pink, white and black movements and patterns.

17th February 2023

Cristal Blue Calcite Slabs

One of our Cristal Blue Calcite marble slabs

1st November 2022

Paonazzo Marble Slabs

Our Paonazzo marble slabs

1st November 2022

Royal Antique Marble Slabs

a picture of our Royal Antique marbles labs which are 3cm thick

21st September 2021

Statuarietto Marble Slabs

One of our Honed Statuarietto Marble Slabs.

17th February 2023

Statuario Marble Slabs

One of stunning Statuario marble slabs, which comes in a polished finish.

16th February 2023

Statuario Paonazzo Marble Slabs

One of our truly stunning Statuario Paonazzo marble slabs

21st September 2021

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