A how-to Guide for Cutting Quartzite

Quartzite is renowned for its durability and unique veining, which makes it a very popular choice of material for many people choosing natural stone for their home such as when they install kitchen countertops. However, because it is an exceptionally hard material, it can pose challenges when it comes to cutting on a saw. In this guide, we’ll explore the best solutions for cutting quartzite as well as some recommended products to get flawless results.

Preparing your Quartzite

Quite often, quartzite slabs will arrive from natural stone suppliers with a protective mesh layer to enhance their strength, but if it doesn’t, we recommend applying it yourself. There are many different mesh layers you can use, but a combination of a mesh and Glaciex or Resiliex epoxy resin from Stonegate is a perfect solution for this purpose.

Once the quartzite is supported, a perfectly level saw bed is required before cutting, to ensure no movement of the quartzite. Check the level of your saw bed and mill or replace if necessary, you could also add something like some black nest rubber matting to enable maximum consistency of the cut during fabrication.

White Macaubus which has been installed as a kitchen worktop after it was cut.

Which Quartzite Cutting Blade?

To achieve a smooth cut on a uniquely tough material like a quartzite slab, using a specialist quartzite cutting blade is recommended, such as Stonegate’s Fury blade. Blades like this are very popular with fabricators because they are designed with a specific bond, which reveals the right amount of diamond necessary to cut the hardest natural quartzites without impacting the life of the blade.


Best Technique for Cutting Quartzite

When it comes to cutting your quartzite, plunge cutting can cause excessive chipping, so we recommend avoiding this technique. For the best results, cut halfway through the stone then enter from the other side to meet in the middle.

White Macaubus which has been installed as a kitchen worktop after it was cut.

Mitring your Quartzite 

If you are mitring your quartzite, slow down the feed rate to 350mm/minute and use extra water to get the cleanest cut. It’s recommended that your blade is at optimal sharpness and you can do this by using a sharpening block.

Cutting Quartzite on the CNC

To cut your stone on the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine, you need a core drill with a soft bond, designed to drill natural quartzite, like the Fury Core Drill. The perfect router for quartzite would have special diamond technology, an end segment and designed with a hard bond for a longer life. Something like the specialist quartzite router from Stonegate would be a good example of this. By nature, Quartzite is extremely strong, so it requires premium tools to deliver the kind of finish you might expect on granite or engineered stone.

As natural quartzite is a very hard material, using a breaker tool to remove larger amounts of excess stock will prevent unnecessary wearing down of your position tools.

White Macaubus which has been installed as a kitchen worktop after it was cut.

Every Workshop is Different… seek help!

Despite all of these tips, every workshop is different so you may find you need support. Bridge saws behave differently depending on the manufacturer, age and operator. It is also important to ensure you have a supply of clean water to use during cutting, so your water filtration system will have a part to play in the results you deliver. If you have reservations prior to cutting, just ask advice from a tooling specialist who will be able to guide you on how to achieve a great finish without impacting the life of your tools.


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Stonegate Tooling

We would like to thank Stonegate Tooling, a provider of specialist products & knowledge to stone fabricators, for their assistance and expertise in compiling this article.

White Macaubus which has been installed as a kitchen worktop after it was cut.

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