We have a fine selection of large Marble Slabs sourced from the finestĀ quarries in the world. .Ā Our marble slabs includes Italian marble such as Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato, Carrara,Ā Palissandro and Grigio. We stock all the main colours like white marble slabs as well as black, blue, pink, grey, green as well as some wonderful textures and patterns. We have different finishes to suit every need like polished, honed, leathered and brushed. Our bookmatched marble willĀ ensure your project has the perfect finish !Ā 





You can also view our other stone slabs for sale which includes quartzite slabs, porcelain slabs or granite slabs. If you require outdoor slabs for your home and garden please see our porcelain pavingĀ slabs.

Marble Slabs for Sale

Please see below for our marble slabs for sale. We hold all our stock in our warehouse so if you want to buy a marble slab there are no waiting times when ordering. If there is a particular marble slab of interest or if you have any questions on cost, delivery times or cutting to size please contact us.

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Arabescato Vagli Marble Slabs

One of our Arabescato Vagli marble slabs which is light grey with some dark grey veins.

26th September 2023

Arabescato Viola Marble Slabs

17th February 2023

Arabescato Viola Marble Slabs

11th September 2023

Bardiglio Nuvelato Marble Slabs

An image of one of our Bardiglio Nuvelato Marble Slabs

10th November 2022

Breccia Capraia Marble Slabs

Our Breccia Capraia Marble Slabs have some wonderful movements and colours such as black, grey and white

17th February 2023

Calacatta Belgia marble slabs

One of our Calacatta Belgia slabs and you can also partly see another slab. A classic Italian marble that is available as polished and also honed.

5th September 2023

Calacatta Borghini Marble Slabs

a picture of our Calacatta Borghini Marble Slabs which are polished and 2cm thick

21st September 2021

Calacatta Borghini Marble Slabs

an image oof our Calacatta BorghiniĀ Marble Slabs which are honed and 2cm thick

21st September 2023

Calacatta Monet Marble Slabs

an image of our calacatta monet marble slabs which are 2cm thick and polished

17th August 2023

Calacatta Oro Marble Slabs

One of our Calacatta Oro marble slabs which is polished and 20mm (2cm) thick.

22nd November 2023

Calacatta Rose Marble Slabs

One of our stunning Calacatta Rose Marble Slabs with pink, white and black movements and patterns.

17th February 2023

Carrara Marble Slabs

A Bianco Carrara marble slab that is grey/off white and has some grey subtle veins/patterns.

6th September 2023

Carrara Marble slabs

One of our Bianco Carrara slabs which is grey and has some subtle dark grey veins.

28th September 2023

Carrara Marble Slabs

an image of our Carrara Marble Slabs which are honed and 2cm thick

24th August 2023

Cipollino Marble Slabs

One of our stunnning Cipollino Marble Slabs

16th February 2023

Cristal Blue Calcite Slabs

One of our Cristal Blue Calcite marble slabs

1st November 2022

Lilac Marble Slabs

an image of our Lilac Marble slabs for sale which are polished and 2cm thick

3rd May 2023

Panda White Marble Slabs

Our Panda White marble slabs with their black and white patterns are simply exquisite.

18th November 2022

Paonazzo Marble Slabs

One of our Paonazzo marble slabs which is polished

1st November 2022

Rosso Luana Marble Slabs

Our Rosso Luana Quartzite slabs for sale which are honed

26th January 2023

Royal Antique Marble Slabs

One of our Royal Antique marble slabs which is polished and is grey, white and black in colour.

21st September 2021

Statuarietto Marble Slabs

One of our Honed Statuarietto Marble Slabs.

17th February 2023

Statuarietto Marble Slabs

A Statuarietto marble slabs that is available as polished and honed. It has a classic marble style that is mainly grey/off white with some grey veining and flecks.

6th September 2023

Statuario Brazil Marble Slabs

One of our Statuario Brazil slabs which has a honed finish.

22nd September 2023

Statuario Marble Slabs

One of stunning Statuario marble slabs, which comes in a polished finish.

16th February 2023

Statuario Paonazzo Marble Slabs

One of our truly stunning Statuario Paonazzo marble slabs

21st September 2021

Verde Alpi Marble Slabs

One of our Verde Alpi polished 2cm marble slabs

13th February 2022

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Marble Slabs FAQs

How much does a slab of marble cost?

The cost of a slab of marble varies and ranges from Ā£500 to Ā£3,000. The cost depends on the grade of the marble and where it comes from.

How big is a slab of marble?

The size of a slab of marble differs from one slab to another but the standard size is 3 metres width by 2 metres high.

How do you transport marble slabs?

You can transport marble slabs by using a metal A-frame mounted on a flatbed truck. You can take around 5 to 6 slabs in one journey. For larger loads you need a bigger vehicle like a HGV for example.

What is bookmatched marble?

Bookmatched marble refers to a technique whereby two pieces of marble that have been cut from the same block are placed together side by side to create a mirror effect. This means you can create a finish that looks superb when you need to use more than one slab of marble.

How thick is a marble slab?

The standard sizes for marble slabs are 2cm and 3cm but you can buy slabs that are thicker and thinner. At the time of writing we stock a marble called Bardiglio that is 5cm thick.

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