Our Onyx Slabs are simply breathtaking and especially when backlit as they are translucent. This means they can be used to create a visually stunning centrepiece in the home or for commercial projects. Sometimes referred to as Onyx Marble this stone is not the same as marble as it has a few different properties. Onyx is typically available in a few colours such as honey, yellow, white and green. 


You can also view our other stone slabs for sale which includes quartzite slabs, travertine slabs, porcelain slabs or granite slabs. If you require outdoor slabs for your home and garden please see our porcelain paving slabs.

Onyx Slabs for Sale

Please see below for our onyx slabs for sale. We hold all our stone slabs in our warehouse so there are no waiting times when ordering. If there is a particular onyx slab of interest or if you have any questions on cost, delivery times or cutting to size please contact us.

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Esmeralda Onyx Slabs

One of our stunning Esmeralda Onyx slabs which is polished and mainly green & brown.

16th February 2024

Woodstock Onyx Slabs

Our Woodstok Onyx slabs have a wonderful array of colours such as brown, orange, white and black. This stone has lots of round and swirling patterns.

15th February 2024

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