Taj Mahal Quartzite Slabs

Our Taj Mahal Quartzite slabs, sourced from Brazil, are a timeless classic, highly prized for their beauty and resilience. Featuring a creamy base with darker, crystalline details, this stone is a favourite for kitchen countertops and other home applications. The creamy hues and elegant veining of our polished Taj Mahal quartzite embody pure sophistication, making it an ideal choice for enhancing any space.

View our range of quartzite slabs if you would like to see the rest of our collection. We also have marble slabs for sale, travertine slabs, onyx slabs, granite slabs and porcelain slabs if you’s like to see other stone types.

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Size: 3220 x 1870 x 30mm

Finish: Polished

Block N° : Q855

Availability: In Stock no waiting times.

Taj Mahal Quartzite FAQs

What size is a Taj Mahal quartzite slab?

We sell slabs that measure around 3 metres wide by 2 metres high and that is usually the standard size they are available in.

What colour is Taj Mahal quartzite?

As its a natural stone, the colour will vary from slab to slab but it is usually a light white, grey or creamy colour with some prominent but subtle veining

Where does Taj Mahal quartzite come from?

Taj Mahal quartzite is quarried and comes from Brazil.

Do I need to seal Taj Mahal quartzite?

Yes, it is recommended to seal your Taj Mahal quartzite at least once a year. For more information read our guide on sealing quartzite.

How do I maintain and care for my Taj Mahal quartzite countertop?

We recommend cleaning on a daily basis with a low pH cleaner on a soft cloth or sponge. If there is a spillage on your surface, wipe immediately using a cloth dipped in soapy water.

What do I need to be aware of before buying Taj Mahal quartzite?

We have a comprehensive Quartzite Buying Guide that will answer most if not all of your questions. It covers the different types, compares versus quartz, cost, caring for quartzite countertops and more.

Best Usage


Hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms…


Kitchen islands, worktops, backsplash panels…


Bathrooms vanities & basins, wall panels…

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