Sealing Quartzite Made Easy

Quartzite’s beauty lies not only in its incredible appearance, but also in its ability to withstand long and hard use. Despite the impressive strength of this material, the vulnerability of quartzite stone to staining is often overlooked. This guide will take you though the process to effectively seal your quartzite, leaving you with a stain-resistant, stunning surface.

Does Quartzite stain?

Does quartzite stain? Yes it does as it is a very porous stone. When dark liquids such as red wine or coffee are left on the material for long periods of time, some staining may still be visible. However, there is no need to be concerned as there are some Quartzite stain remover products available such as Oil-Ex and IPS 2000 by Stonegate which can help remove these stains.


Sealing Quartzite Countertops

Sealing quartzite countertops is important as kitchen surfaces come into contact with all sorts of liquids and foods. The advice in this guide can be used for kitchen surfaces such as countertops or for anywhere else in the home where you have quartzite.

A quartzite kitchen countertop which has been sealed.

Preparing your Quartzite for Sealing

For the best results, your surface must be completely dry and free of any moisture or dirt. We recommend leaving your quartzite stone to totally dry out for 1-2 days to avoid trapping any moisture within the surface.


How to Apply your Quartzite Sealer

Once you are sure that the surface is clean and dry, it is time to apply your quartzite sealer. Start by applying a smooth sealer, such as SafeGuard Pro by Stonegate, to the surface of your worktop. To begin with, use a small amount as the liquid is very easy to spread and a little goes a long way! Using a small amount initially also means you avoid being left with any difficult-to-remove residue.


One our Taj Mahal Quartzite Slabs which is leathered and 3cm thick

What happens next?

After around 2-3 hours and depending on your working environment, your sealer should be dry. After you’ve checked the first coat is completely dry, we recommend applying the sealer 3 to 4 more times, or until the quartzite no longer absorbs any more. Make sure you leave it to dry between applications. This helps ensure the sealer has sunk into the body of the material, meaning it is stain resistant all the way through.

As with any other solvent chemical substance, it is imperative that you have adequate ventilation in place whilst you are applying the sealer and while waiting for it to dry.

White Macaubus which has been installed as a kitchen worktop after it was cut.

How often do I re-apply a Quartzite Stone Sealer?

Like everything, even a good sealer such as Safeguard Pro wears down over time. For maximum protection and longevity, we suggest you reseal your surface around once a year. You can generally tell when the quartzite needs resealing as the stone appears discoloured around wet areas such as the sink.

Unfortunately, resealing won’t make the dark patches disappear immediately, but as the stone breathes, they gradually disappear. For best results, try letting the stone totally dry out before resealing.


Use a Quartzite Sealer before Installation

Just before you install your quartzite, we suggest sealing the seams, to prevent any staining or discolouration in those areas.


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For more information about Quartzite read our Quartzite Buying Guide which covers a range of topics and considerations when buying this wonderful stone.


Stonegate Tooling

We would like to thank Stonegate Tooling, a provider of specialist products & knowledge to stone fabricators, for their assistance and expertise in compiling this article on sealing quartzite.


White Macaubus which has been installed as a kitchen worktop after it was cut.

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